Brewers grain is a highly protein- and energy-rich product, which is ideally suited for increasing the protein level in feed formulation.

Brewers grain

Brewers’ grain is a by-product of the brewing process to make beer. It consists of the solid residues of malted barley and other grains after being soaked in hot water during the malting process of brewing. Once these grains have been used to extract sugars and flavour for the beer, they are separated from the liquid wort.

Brewing grains are usually rich in protein and fibre, but have a lower sugar content because much of the sugar has been extracted for fermentation. It is often wet and can have a slightly sweet, malty aroma. Although no longer suitable for brewing, brewing grain has other potential uses, such as animal feed.

Brewing process



  • Brewer’s grain is an excellent source of protein
  • Brewer’s Grain has a beneficial effect on cow digestion
  • Brewer’s grains give animals a shiny coat
  • Brewer’s grain has positive effects on the overall health status of animals

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