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Royal Swinkels Family Brewers

Beer is enjoyment, it brings people together. That’s why we offer the right beer for every occasion, each with its own taste and character. Brewed with love in one of our breweries, throughout the world. This requires craftsmanship and freedom to follow your intuition. Intuition about how good beer should taste and how you brew it. Brewing beer has been in our genes for 300 years.

You make success together. Our breweries each have their own history and character, but we are one. One in our passion for beer, one in our desire to bring it to the world. It starts with a good sense of quality, and we always look to see if we can further improve on it. Based on the intention to mean something to the other and to enter into a long-term relationship, we are curious about what our consumers and customers want and to share our thoughts.

We are Royal Swinkels Family Brewers, a 100% independent family brewer and proud of it. Thanks to three centuries of craftsmanship and a healthy entrepreneurial spirit, we have come to where we are today. With a deep respect for people and for our environment. Because in this respect too, we like to be ground-breaking. This is how we continue to pass a more beautiful Royal Swinkels Family Brewers on to the next generation.


Holland Malt

In the south of the Netherlands, in Lieshout, our malt house sits directly on the busy Wilhelmina Canal. At this malt house we also produce specialty, craft and distilling malt in addition to lager malt. Our malt house at the Eemshaven is located at a deep-sea harbour. The latest technology is available at this malt house, and with its strategic location, it also offers global opportunities for the import and export of malt.

We have more than 100 years of malt knowledge to compliment 300 years of brewing knowledge. In the early twentieth century, we only used the malt from our malt house for our own brewery. Due to the growth of our brewery the malt house has since expanded. In 2004, we opened a second malt house at the Eemshaven (Groningen) and the extra malting capacity ensured that malt could also be sold to other breweries.

Today, our malt houses produce more than 400,000 tons of malt of the highest quality malting barley, which we export to breweries and distilleries on all continents. Our central location in the heart of the European barley fields means that we can guarantee the quality of our brewing and distilling malt, year after year.

Soft & mixed beverages

Swinkels Family Brewers has more than 300 years of experience in the drinks industry, characterised by consistently high-quality drinks. Each year, we produce 830.000 HL soft drinks and energy drinks for well-known A-brands. We proactively respond to market developments and focus on customer wishes.

The entire production chain has been automated, from brewery to mixing chamber, and from bottling facilities to the warehouses. Investments are continuously made in innovation and products. Our IFS Higher Level 6 certification shows that we comply with the highest quality standards.

We developed our mixing chamber in consultation with the raw materials suppliers and fitted state-of-the-art technology. Our experience covers both liquid and powdered raw materials. The entire filling process is measured in-line to ensure we deliver the best quality.

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