Malt is converted into wort at our brewhouse using pure mineral water.
The storage tanks are ultra-low in oxygen, hygienic and energy efficient.
The storage tanks are free of oxygen, the design is focussed on hygiene and they are energy efficient.

Extensive in-house know-how.

Since 2009 CereX (Cereal eXtracts) has evolved to become a high valued liquid malt extract producer, based on a brewer’s philosophy. We have extensive in-house know-how throughout the entire chain and a state-of-the-art plant to ensure that we produce a top-quality product. At our brewhouse, malt is converted into wort using pure mineral water. The ultra-low oxygen & low thermal stress evaporators deliver the most stable and clearest malt extracts.

Brewing malt extracts and custom-made compounds based on our broad knowledge of the production chain in malt, beers and soft-drinks, makes us unique in the field of engineering and commissioning of compounds.

Producing drinks with the help of CereX, is a step forward to a more sustainable production chain. Instead of exporting your drinks, production takes place near the end market. This means that there is a reduction in water being transported across the globe. At the same time, you also increase production efficiency at your primary production site or brewery. As you can clearly see, we push boundaries together. The desired performance is achieved by co-partnering with a customised service model.

Besides this core activity, CereX also utilises its knowledge to co-create high valued applications for different industries. We are open to ideas and suggestions, so please feel free to contact us so that we can explore opportunities together.

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Local requirements:

  • Malt compound
  • Oxygen free water-maker
  • Blending tank
  • Bottling
  • Pasteur

Production process & evaporators facts

Malting: the barley is washed and soaked in water to start the germination process. The actual sprouting or ‘germination’ of the barley grains then takes place. Finally, the sprouted grain is dried to stop the germination process.

When the malt is received at the brewery, it is crushed and prepared for the first step in the brewhouse. The malt is mixed with water in the mash tun, where starch is converted into different kinds of sugars. Afterwards, the husks of the malt are used as a filter to retain a clear wort. The clear wort is then boiled to sterilise it and hops can be added if required.

After the malt has been converted into wort, the ultra-low oxygen & low thermal stress evaporator processes the wort into the desired end product: a pure and natural malt extract.

Installation is:

  • Fully automatic
  • Ultra-low oxygen
  • Hygienic designed
  • Low thermal impact on extract
  • Energy efficient

Packaging & filling facts

CereX has different delivery options available, which mainly involves bulk malt extract delivery.

Road tankers are filled at the tank terminal at the Bavaria Brewery Lieshout, in the Netherlands. The road-/railway tankers are filled under COâ‚‚ atmosphere, with a volume capacity of between 25 and 35 MT.

There are several packaging possibilities. Most products require aseptic filling when packaging is desired. CereX collaborates with an external partner that specialises in different types of (aseptic) packaging.

Please contact us if you prefer different packaging or transportation requirements.

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