Natural extracts and unique malt compounds for a wide variety of beverages.

High quality malt extracts and compounds.

Centuries of experience in malting, brewing, soft drink and extract production in combination with state-of-the-art equipment have resulted in the clearest and most stable malt extracts. This makes them suitable for a wide variety of beverages (including beverages that require excellent foam stability). Malt extract is the perfect application for a more nutritional & responsible solutions for drinks and food and for the health industry. CereX excels in matching existing RTDs, new product development and commissioning.

Product details

Our products can be devided in a few categories as shown in the table below.

Scroll left and right to view the entire table.

Parameters Hopped malt extract Light malt extract Dark malt extract Remarks
°brix 58 - 64 79 - 81 58 - 62
Colour medium light dark diluted to 5 brix
pH 3.7 - 4.2 3.7 - 4.0 3.6 - 4.0
BU Add your preferred hop extract/hop cocktail
characteristics Hops, closer to beer Barley & malted barley Sweet, closer to malt drinks
Applications Examples
soft-/energy drinks x x Radler/malt drink
light malt/0.0% varieties x 0.0% IPA
dark malt/0.0% varieties x 0.0% stout
fermented beer solutions x x blond beer
mixed beverages x pilsner
Our products
- contain proteins, minerals and vitamins
- are Kosher & Halal certified
- several are E-number, gluten-and GMO-free (clean label)

Our applications

The malt extracts are ideal for a wide variety of compound possibilities. The end drink determines the relevance of the application, such as taste, mouthfeel, colour, smell, etc.

An endless amount of end drinks is possible:

  • Fermented or non-fermented drinks.
  • Non-, low & higher alcoholic drinks.

This results in drinks such as:

  • Dark & light malt beverages.
  • Speciality beers; Weizen, IPA, Stout, etc.
  • Pilsner, Radlers, ciders.
  • Soft & energy drinks.

Malt extracts are also known as: lager malt extract, pilsner malt extract or beer malt extract.

CereX does not produce powdered malt extract. The clear wort is evaporated into concentrated malt of different brix grades, resulting in different liquid malt extracts. This can in turn be made into custom products, with flavouring included. This is what we call malt compound.

When can you use malt compound?

  • To develop a speciality 0.0% or low alcohol beer.
  • To optimise your production efficiency.
  • To apply a more responsible solution for healthier drinks that suit consumer needs.
  • To decrease your export levels, while also increasing your brewing capacity and improving sustainability.
  • To reinforce your local presence in foreign markets.

New Product Development

If our basic portfolio is not sufficient for your needs, please feel free to contact us to discuss custom solutions. Extracts such as pale malt extract or wheat malt extract can also be crafted, or even completed with flavouring (a.k.a. compounds).

All of our knowledge throughout the entire chain converges in our technical team, from grain right up to the end product. The team is experienced in product development & process engineering, based on backgrounds in malting, product development, production and commissioning of production sites. This is exactly why CereX is able to offer exceptional service with product development & process engineering through co-partnership.

CereX develops malt compounds for:

  • Existing ready-to-drinks (RTDs)
  • New concepts
  • Other collaborations

After the sampling & matching phase we will define the next steps together to establish a fitting co-partnership. This may entail the development of a new compound and commissioning service at the production site. Please contact us to find out how if we can be of service.

Our team is pleased to help you with your questions in every step of the process.

We provide high quality samples for reference. Let us know what you are looking for.

More information?

Do not hesitate to contact us. We are both producer and supplier. So we can help you with all your questions.

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