CereX produces malt extracts and compounds.

This includes liquid malt extracts of various brix grades, such as light malt extracts, hopped malt extracts, dark malt extracts and more. These products are suitable for a wide variety of health applications.

As a part of Royal Swinkels Family Brewers, CereX has centuries of experience in manufacturing malt beverages and semi-finished products.


100 years’ experience
in malting


300 years of brewing experience


Extensive knowledge in soft drink production

Curious what malt extracts could be useful for you?

Our solutions can help if you are aiming for…

  • A responsible solution for healthier drinks that are suited to consumer needs.
  • Improved production efficiency and increase brewing capacity by putting together your already brewed drink across seas.
  • Improving sustainability, by changing export into a local low key production.

As an entrepreneur you want to make your own choices. That is why we do not just produce for our customer, we are also actively involved with them. Based on our intention to provide added value for you, we see new collaboration as only the start of a long-term relationship. In our approach we ensure that the desired performance is delivered through co-partnership, based on the related service model.

Partnerships in BeverageSystem Solutions

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May we assist you with the type of malt extract you are looking for?

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