CereX stands out in matching existing drinks, new product development and commissioning.
Custom made service level

CereX develops and produces
with a brewer’s philosophy.

As a part of Royal Swinkels Family Brewers, CereX has centuries of experience in the manufacturing of malt beverages and semi-finished products. CereX develops and produces with a brewer’s philosophy. Our in-house know-how throughout the chain and state-of-the-art production facilities result in a top-quality malt extract/compound and service, developed and engineered in co-partnership.


New Product Development

Our technical team utilises all of the R&D knowledge available at Swinkels Family Brewers. This creates a big advantage for our engineering team. CereX benefits from this when matching and developing new extracts and compounds. Understanding the different process steps and end products throughout within the range of beer, non-alcoholic beers and soft drinks in its widest varieties. This creates an advantage when developing new products for our partners.

It is crucial to co-develop with our partner to ensure that the best results are obtained. Together we determine the recipe and agree on the preferred service level to get to the desired end drink at the production site.

Process Engineering

With process engineering we mean the production guidance at the production site to ensure that the determined recipe is a success.

This could entail:

  • Advice in selecting the preferred blending and filling plant.
  • Commissioning at a local plant.
  • Advice concerning the equipment required.
  • Advice regarding critical control points and hygiene standards.
  • Manual handling.
  • Follow-up and evaluation visit to adjust to perfection.


Malt extract is the widely used application for nutritional & more responsible products in the drinks, food and health industry.  Market trends and consumers needs show that health awareness, sustainability and clean label, to name just a few, have an increasing relevance amongst a growing population. We have noticed that malt extracts are perfect for this purpose as it is a naturally produced product to provide a green business model, while it does not need many additives to deliver a variety of beverages.

Besides these developments we have also noted more opportunities in higher added value solutions, which we would like to explore with you. If you have similar convictions and you would like to explore if we could co-create a higher valued application, please contact us.

Are you looking for more information, please contact us.

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