CereX extracts - custom made


The cereal extract is manufactured in our brewhouse, where malt is converted into wort using pure mineral water. The evaporator processes the wort into the desired end product: a pure extract. Due to our extensive experience within the field of the malting and brewing process, CereX is able to deliver products to the customer’s specific needs. CereX cereal extract can be used in both the food and beverage industry. Next to malt, more raw materials can be applied to make a ‘custom made extract’.

Nutritional facts

Our extracts are produced within specification. If the customer so wishes, we can provide fully customized products. But there are more advantages to using CereX cereal extract. Our product does not contain any E-numbers and next to grain, we can apply other raw materials as well to make a ‘custom made extract’.

CereX evaporatorApplication for food and beverage industry

Being part of a beer brewer, CereX is able to offer a very pure extract. A pure extract is a must, especially in the beverage industry. The production of the extract takes place in an oxygen-free, fully automatic state-of-the-art plant, where the product gets evaporated with minimal heat stress. This enhances the extract’s taste and colour.

Custom made extracts

CereX works closely with her clients to ensure the highest quality of service and satisfaction. CereX works with each customer's individual needs to make sure her extract fits our customers specification.