About us

CereX location LieshoutCereX BV produces and sells Natural Cereal Extracts. Our in-house know-how and state-of-the-art plant combined with the company’s flexibility result in a top quality product. This way CereX can contribute to both the development and improvement of a product.

As part of Bavaria NV brewery, CereX has centuries of experience in the manufacturing of beverages and semi-finished products. Bavaria has had its own malting plant (Holland Malt) for as long as 90 years, in order to keep a firm grip on the whole chain; from grain to product. The close cooperation between Bavaria and Holland Malt allows CereX to enjoy all the advantages of having a complete control over the production process: from brewery expertise to an in-house R&D department and from soft drinks knowledge to malt extract technology.

Mineral water

Water plays a key role in the production of CereX cereal extracts. The quality and quantity of the water are of great importance for the product - but also for the continued prosperity of CereX. Bavaria’s own laboratory closely guards the quality of our water. Samples are regularly taken and tested for the existence of chemicals and bacteria. Similarly, our deep wells are checked and sampled by an external, independent laboratory. Indeed, the Dutch government itself ensures the quality of our deeper wells by closely monitoring our Natural Mineral Water certification. We are proud of the fact that Bavaria is the only brewery in The Netherlands with officially certified Natural Mineral Water.